Lammer Context Menu

Lammer Context Menu

Add extra options to context menus in Windows Explorer


  • Makes context menus really useful
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Several options to customize menus


  • No configuration options
  • Limited to what the program offers


Lammer Context Menu lets you add new, useful commands to the context menu of files and folders in Windows Explorer.

It’s very easy to install and doesn’t require any complicated configuration. Simply run the Lammer Context Menu installer and a bunch of new options will be added to the context menu in Windows Explorer, with slight variations between files and folders.

Among the new commands added by Lammer Context Menu, you’ll find tools to batch rename files, calculate checksum, copy the complete path to the clipboard, join files, mount virtual drives and even convert PNG iPhone pictures to other formats.

The configuration options in Lammer Context Menu let you choose exactly which commands you want to choose in the new context menu. Unfortunately customization is limited to the options offered by the program - meaning you can't add new ones from scratch - but there should be more than enough to make your context menus even more useful.

Lammer Context Menu is an easy way to make contexts menus in Windows Explorer more useful by adding new commands to them.

Lammer Context Menu


Lammer Context Menu

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